Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Gets 'Disgusting' While Revealing Details Behind Birth of Third Child

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shared all the details about the birth of her third child, Angelo James LaValle.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star opened up about welcoming her baby boy with husband Jionni LaValle, sparing no "digusting" and "awesome" detail from the day of the delivery.

In a new clip from the It's Happening With Snooki & Joey podcast released by E! News, Polizzi revealed delivering Angelo was easy, but her pre-hospital check-in was a journey.

"I literally looked like I jumped into the pool from the waist down," Snooki said of the moment her water broke at home. "It was disgusting. It was all over my couch. Then I went into the shower, [and ] it was pouring out into the shower."

She added, "[After] I got my sweatpants to go to the hospital, I put a little pad on just in case a little water trickled out. My whole entire yoga pants were soaked when I got to the hospital."

The MTV star revealed she headed to the hospital before her contractions started.

"I went right away because, you know, it's my third kid," she told her co-host. "I was nervous he was going to come out in the car and I would feel everything."

Knowing the pains of childbirth, Polizzi revealed she did not hesitate to get an epidural when she arrived at the hospital.

"Jionni brought me and I got the epidural right when I got there, thank God. I didn't feel any contractions this time," she added.

Polizzi went into more graphic detail on the quick delivery. She also revealed her mother and husband Jionni were in the room, though he still insisted on seeing as little as possible.

"I didn't feel like I was doing a big poop and it was amazing," she shared of her birthing experience. "My delivery was awesome."

"While I was pushing and my legs were, obviously, open, you could see everything. So as I'm pushing, he's like, 'You got it babe.' But he's looking the other way at the wall," she continued.

After the quick delivery of little baby Angelo, Polizzi said the little one has brought much joy to the family.


"He's here now, he's six days old today. I'm posting a lot of videos of him on my Insta Stories," Snooki said. "He sleeps a lot, he's like me. He sleeps a lot during the day and then at night, he's chugging and s—tting. So he's like us."