Nathan Griffith Insinuates Jenelle Evans Is on Drugs After Cease and Desist Letters

Nathan Griffith's recent tweet may be implying that ex Jenelle Evans' recent legal threats against her mother and Teen Mom 2 cast members are coming from a less-than-sober place.

On Monday, Evans' mom, Barbara Evans, and MTV personalities Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska DeBoer, revealed that they had been served with cease and desist letters from Evans and her husband, David Eason, claiming that they had made "false and defamatory statements" about the two.

Griffith, with whom Evans has a 3-year-old son Kaiser, has not said whether or not he also received a letter, but tweeted a message many fans think is about Evans.

"Not everyone is on drugs and thinks the world is out to get them," he tweeted alongside photos of his friends, girlfriend and kids on Tuesday. "As for me, I'm still on cloud 9 #lifeisgood #theyreallgonnalaughatme."

Rumors that Evans and her husband are using drugs and involved in an abusive relationship with each other and their children flew all through the season, with both fans and castmates pointing to the 25-year-old's erratic behavior and history of drug abuse.

Griffith and Evans have had little contact over the last year while trying to work out custody of their son, but during the Teen Mom 2 season reunion this month, he opened up about his concerns alongside his mother, Doris Hewlett Davidson.

“I’m terribly frightened for Kaiser,” Davidson said, adding that she had worked for Child Protective Services in Ohio for a decade. “I’ve seen abuse, I’ve seen children go through it, I know the red flags and I see the red flags. They’re popping up everywhere.”

She also shocked fans with an allegation of abuse.

“I picked up Kaiser at daycare and the first thing he says to me, and Nate can verify this, the first thing he says to me is ‘Nana, David punched me,' ” she claimed. “I thought, ‘What, excuse me?’ He said, ‘David punched me.’ And he kept saying it over and over.”


Evans has denied the claims Davidson and Griffith made, and in the past has accused Griffith's girlfriend of abusing drugs herself.

Photo credit: MTV