'Naked and Afraid' Star Brandon Pope Arrested for Voyeurism

Naked and Afraid star Brandon Pope is behind bars after police arrested him earlier this month for allegedly spying on a bathing family member. The former reality personality was arrested on suspicion of voyeurism after investigators accused him of videotaping a naked teenager in his home, TMZ reported Tuesday. The Season 11 star was arrested on the night of Oct. 7 in Nashville, Arkansas, and was transported to the Howard County Detention Center, where he remains behind bars, according to jail records.

The 42-year-old, whose full name is David Brandon Pope, was allegedly caught recording a female teenage family member who was taking a bath in his home by someone inside the home, who called police. Authorities then arrested Pope at his home, TMZ reported. Pope was subsequently charged with two counts of video voyeurism after officers said they found videos of the nude teenager on his cell phone, according to Southwest Arkansas Radio. Police reportedly also found a hole drilled under the knob of the bathroom door that appeared to be the vantage point at which he was recording the video. Jail records indicate Pope is still behind bars, where he sits on $50,000 bail.

Brandon Pope
(Photo: Howard County Sheriff's Office)

Pope appeared on Season 11, episode 21 of Naked and Afraid, titled "Ring of Fire," which aired in April on Discovery. As one of the survivalists competing in the Bulgarian mountains, Pope was shocked when a fire he and his fellow contestants made at camp quickly spiraled out of control, sparking a massive inferno that required producers to jump into action to prevent the blaze from blowing up and running down the hillside to inhabited areas. According to a clip of the episode published by Monsters and Critics, Pope couldn't fathom what had just happened when told about the campfire's dangerous spread. Shocked at what was happening on one of their first days at the location, Pope said he couldn't believe how quickly things spiraled out of control while his group set out to hunt and gather food and resources.

In addition to Naked and Afraid, Pope also appeared on the short-lived Discovery adventure series Darkness, which aired for one season back in 2017. The show, which was never renewed or officially canceled, followed a group of survivalists who were trapped inside caves, abandoned mines, and underground convolutions for up to a week as they struggled to stay safe and sane as they survived the harsh conditions.