'My 600-lb Life' Star Steven Assanti Got Married

My 600-Lb Life cast member Steven Assanti is celebrating a new milestone in his life.Steven [...]

My 600-Lb Life cast member Steven Assanti is celebrating a new milestone in his life.

Steven Assanti, who formerly appeared on the TLC series and quickly became known as being extremely stubborn and difficult to work with, is celebrating a milestone that has nothing to do with weight loss: he just married the love of his life, Stephanie Sanger.

The couple apparently tied the knot last month, with Sanger posting a picture to her Facebook account of them holding up their hands, apparently showing off their wedding bands.

"It's a nice day for a white wedding. Just married Stephanie Assanti and Steven Assanti — cross my heart and hope to die to my lover I'll never lie. It's just him and I," she wrote in another post, officially announcing their marriage.

The two made their relationship public just after Valentine's Day, with both of them sharing sweet messages back and forth about one another in the months since.

"Good morning friends and to the best girlfriend in the world Stephanie Sanger I love you baby with my soul n heart. I want everyone to continue to know your the reason why I look forward to my future, our future and I hope it grows bigger, your the best baby real talk. Keepin ten toes down fellas...have a good day...1..." Assanti wrote in a since deleted Feb. 28 post, according to In Touch Weekly.

Assanti is not the only My 600-Lb Life star to celebrate a recent milestone. In May, Diana Bunch reflected on her 265-pound weight loss, which she began in 2017 when she appeared on the TLC series. Beginning with a starting weight of more than 600-pounds, Bunch's journey was filled with ups and downs, though after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, she managed to shed nearly 300-pounds.

"Thankful Tuesday; I am thankful for all of you who encourage my fellow cast members and me on our journeys and who give us the chance to encourage you as well. What are you thankful for today!" Bunch wrote on Facebook.

Cast member Chad Dean also recently celebrated his weight loss. Dean, who appeared on a January 2016 episode, dropped nearly 400-pounds. His journey was also filled with several obstacles, including a moment where he almost permanently damaged his stomach, though Dr. Younan Nowzaradan was able to reverse the damage and send Dean back on the road to his stunning transformation.