MTV Star Julia Rose Ripped for Topless Roller Coaster Stunt: 'Lock Her Up'

MTV star Julia Rose posed topless once again, this time on a roller coaster stunt that was not exactly embraced by social media.

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Rose, who is known for her risque Instagram posts that push right up to the line of what's allowed on the social network, shared a video of herself at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where she took her top off on a roller coaster just before a big drop. She shared the video on her Instagram and Twitter profiles.

"Six flags wouldn't give me my picture," she wrote on Twitter.

People on social media thought this was wildly inappropriate behavior for a theme park where children are around.

"She got her t– out at a park with kids running around ? lock her up and put her on the list," one person wrote in a tweet that earned 216,100 likes.

Others responded directly to Rose's post, with one person writing, "The things people do when the only thing interesting about them is their appearance."

"There is a time and place for everything... this was not the time or the place," another person wrote.

"The crazy part is... Twitter won't even remember your name a week from now," another added.

"There's a time and place for everything but this isn't the place for this, especially a [place] full of children at an amusement park. If a man pulled his pants down, there would be a frenzy. It's tragic that you can't see the issue with this," one person wrote on Instagram, where the video has been seen more than 2.35 million times.

"This girl loves attention more than me," another wrote.

"We live in a weird world today," another fan wrote.

Rose appeared on MTV's Are You The One?, but is more famous today for her Instagram photos. She has more than 1.8 million followers, and frequently posts photos of herself wearing barely-there outfits. She also shares censored topless photos, including one she took in front of the White House. "Make nipples great again," she wrote in the caption for the photo.

While on Are You The One? Season 4, Rose dated Stephen McHugh, whose real perfect match was Nicole Brown. However, he continued his relationship with Rose, which ultimately did not work out. Rose's perfect match was Cam Buckman.


Photo credit: Instagram/Julia Rose