Mina Starsiak Hawk Dedicates Birthday Post to Her Kids' Nanny: 'She Feels Like My Daughter'

Good Bones star Mina Starsiak Hawk celebrated the birthday of her children's nanny, Hannah Vaughn, who turned 25 on Thursday. Starsiak Hawk shared several photos of Vaughn with her two children, son Jack, 2, and daughter Charlotte, 4 months. Starsiak Hawk and her husband, Steve Hawk, have a close relationship with Vaughn, whom Starsiak Hawk even considers "like my daughter," as she disclosed to PopCulture.com earlier this month.

"Happy Birthday HeHe," Starsiak Hawk wrote, using a nickname for Vaughn. "We’re thankful every day that you’re part of our family and even more thankful that you love our nuggets as if they were your own. Cheers to 25!!!!" She also tagged Vaughn in the post, which included a funny video where Starsiak Hawk tried to catch Vaughn by surprise. Vaughn shared several happy birthday messages from her friends on her Instagram Story, including Starsiak Hawk's.

Starsiak Hawk's next big project is her first children's book, Built Together, which was inspired by her "non-traditional" family and her career in construction, she said in a recent PopCulture.com interview. The book plays on the idea that building a family is similar to building a house and noting how important the tools are you use to create it. "It's just a cute play on that, like our families, our dogs and the neighbors, and our nanny," she said, referencing Vaughn. "She's only 24, so I was going to say my daughter and that sounds weird. But, she feels like my daughter. So, you make your family whatever it is because I think less and less now. It's that traditional mom, dad, two and a half kids. People seem to appreciate how open our family is about that. We're crazy. We all love each other. We figure it out."

Good Bones' new episodes are now being filmed, and fans might get a peek at Charlotte's nursery, just not Charlotte herself. “We filmed the changeover from Jack's to Charlie's,” Starsiak Hawk explained to Today. “They'll get to see the nursery, but just not with her in it.” She also teased a top-secret project with other HGTV stars, but she could not share any details just yet.

“It’s fun. It’s getting to work with some other HGTV talent, it's still in the network," she explained. "And it's always fun to get outside of our bubble here in Indy and see what’s going on elsewhere and be part of it." While fans wait for more details on this top-secret show, they can check out Built Together in bookstores on Feb. 2 and Good Bones Season 6 in the summer. Past Good Bones episodes are also available on the new discovery+ streaming service.