Meghan McCain Blasts 'Sexist' Media Coverage of 'The View' Spat With Whoopi Goldberg: 'I, For One, Am Over It'

On Tuesday's episode of The View, Meghan McCain lashed out at media coverage of her recent argument with Whoopi Goldberg. The co-hosts had a spat on the air on Monday, and many viewers took it very literally. As Goldberg tried to set the record straight and restore the peace on Tuesday morning, McCain argued that coverage of their arguments overall was sexist.

"I think with the media blowing it up, I just don't think it would happen with men," McCain said, "and there were a lot of commentators, Greta Van Susteren in particular, talking about the coverage of us and how sexist the language always is, especially reporting on when the fights happen on this show, and I, for one, am over it."

McCain was referring to Monday's argument over the impeachment hearings, where Goldberg finally told her to "stop talking" after a few minutes of conversational chaos. McCain said that whatever happens on-screen, the co-hosts still get along, and the fact that people assume otherwise is "a lens into what is happening politically in this country."

"America's at very heated levels right now. I don't love it. I don't think anybody at home loves it ... but it is representative of what's going on and is raw and real," she said. "We're all passionate women. I'm hyper, hyper conservative. Everybody else at the table is not, and sometimes we're gonna clash heads. But it is indicative of what the holidays are like for a lot of people."

"But we also came together and we're fine," McCain concluded.

Goldberg agreed, saying that the reporting on their debates sometimes has hidden sexist implications. She commented on people referring to them as "you girls, you ladies."

"It's like, wait a minute, we're actually human beings having conversations that you don't want to have," she said. "We're having conversations you can't have, you're scared of having, or whatever it is. But the bottom line is, yeah, it's gonna happen and it's probably gonna happen again. Just saying."

Nevertheless, Monday's episode was particularly heated, even by the recent standards of The View. The crux of the confrontation came when McCain was arguing with Sunny Hostin over impeachment proceedings, and Goldberg tried to cut to commercial in the middle of their conversation.

"Do you want to hear a conservative perspective on the show ever?" McCain asked.

"Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now," Goldberg responded.


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