'Married to Medicine' Cast Member Unloads on Husband for 'Not Appreciating' Her

Quad Webb-Lunceford isn't about to let her husband take her for granted.

The Married to Medicine cast member unloads on her husband Gregory in a clip from the show's next episode, accusing him of not appreciating her for all she does.

“It is amazing to me, at times, how disconnected my husband is from what a marriage should look like,” she says in a confessional. “What it should feel like, what actually needs to be invested in order for it to continue to grow and be fruitful.”

“I love and I appreciate you,” she tells her husband. “I love and I respect you. But I’m going to need you to appreciate me more. I need you to show appreciation for me, and I just don’t think that you do.”

“I try to show you with working hard, paying all the bills” he says.

“Babe, let me correct you on you paying all the bills,” she cuts him off. “You pay the bills that you benefit from … I pay my car note.”

"Stop throwing that card around, like, ‘I take care of you, I take care of you,’” she tells viewers “Guess what, baby? I wrote you a check out for a year on the mortgage. You didn’t want to take it, which leads me to believe that you play the money card to put me in my place.”

“You’re talking about material things when I’m talking about appreciation,” she claps back at him. “If you want to make this a monetary thing, love is not a monetary thing. You need to get that! Love is being connected with a person. Please hear me!”

“I’ve been taking care of you since the day I met you!” he shouts back.


The end of their fight isn't included on the clip, but viewers can tune in if they want to see how the couple works things out.

Married to Medicine airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.