'Married at First Sight' Couple Taylor and Brandon Make Major Decision About Their Turbulent Relationship in Exclusive Clip

Married at First Sight couple Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid are making a huge decision after their marriage following a massive fight that prompted the newlyweds' choice to live separately while they figured out their future together leading up to Decision Day.

In a PopCulture.com exclusive clip of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime reality show, Brandon and Taylor decide to meet up for dinner as they suss out the next step in the ups and downs of their relationship. Taylor tells the camera of making amends with her husband, "You know, I'm excited to hang out with Brandon. We recommitted to each other and we're not living together now but we're moving in a positive direction so it's something I'd like to talk about."

After some friendly back and forth, the two agree they're happy to be "so far so good for the last few days."

"I'm happier that we're kind of somewhat back on track," Brandon tells his wife. "I'm glad we're talking and not arguing and fighting anymore."

Venturing out on a limb, Taylor asks, "Well do you, are you fine with like our living situation right now?"

"It's not ideal, I mean we're married," he answers tentatively. "I totally don't like living apart from my wife."

It's then that Taylor extends an olive branch to Brandon, telling him, "If you feel like moving in then you can."

"So if I move back in," Brandon asks, "do I move back into my spare bedroom?"

Taylor immediately puts the decision back on Brandon, asking him if he wanted to sleep in the bed with her or in the spare bedroom, to which he answers with a smile, "It would be nice to be in the master bedroom."

Taylor seems happy at his decision, but as Decision Day draws closer, can they figure out how to make their relationship work in the long run?


Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime