'Married at First Sight': Mia Feels 'Super Timid' Moving Back in With Tristan in Exclusive Clip

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson may have made up for now, but the Married at First Sight couple is definitely still on the rocks.

In an exclusive clip from the Lifetime reality series' special 90-minute episode Tuesday (produced by Kinetic Content), Mia, Amber Martorana and Danielle Bergman sit down to talk about how their marriages are going heading up to Decision Day.

Fans will remember that Mia and Tristan's seemingly-good relationship hit a major bump in last week's episode as he kicked her out of their apartment following an argument over decision-making and healthcare. In Tuesday's clip, the couple has mended their rift, and Mia has moved back in, but she confesses to the other women that things are not completely back to normal.

"I haven't moved every single thing back in, because now I'm like super timid about moving back in, because I don't know if it's gonna happen again," she admits. "So I've moved like half of my stuff back in, but it doesn't feel the same you know?"

Amber tells the cameras, "It's a little surprising that Mia moved back into Tristan's house. She was really upset the last time I talked to her. She still seems a little upset and maybe confused, just kind of tense and uneasy."

Danielle agrees, saying, "I don't know that I would have moved back in so soon."

Mia confesses she felt "kind of weird" moving back in at this point, but adds that she and Tristan had a serious talk after their blow-out.

"I need your guarantee that this isn't gonna happen again," she recounts. "I need reassurances going forward that this isn't going to happen again. I just want to give this more of an effort and more of a try. I obviously still love him, but I think he's just as committed to me."

Danielle doubts the future of the marriage, however, telling the cameras, "He just kicked you out. He's not as committed as you at all!"

Amber steps in to support her friend, however, who admits this is the "most intense and dramatic" relationship she's ever been a part of.

"If you both make an effort you can make it work, but both of you have to be willing to make an effort," Amber warns.

(Mia and Tristan filed for divorce in September, as first reported by PEOPLE.)

As for the other relationship seemingly in flux right now, Amber and husband Dave Flaherty, the senior division order analyst says they have "a lot of ups and downs," adding, "It depends on the day."

"Sometimes I think we have this great connection and then it can change so fast, and then sometimes I'm like, 'Do you even like me?'" she said.

She admitted that Dave has told her that her "stressed" and "negative" attitude has him doubting their future together.


Amber is equally unsure, saying, "I'm very happy with the way that our marriage is going, but we've always had issues. it's never been perfect. And when we have an argument, we're focusing on our insecurities and he hasn't done much to make me feel better about that."

Which of these couples will make it past Decision Day?