Mama June Spotted out With Geno Doak Despite Family's Cries for Her to Leave Him

Mama June Shannon was recently spotted out with her boyfriend Geno Doak, despite her family's cries for her to leave him. According to TMZ, the pair were seen leaving a Mexican restaurant in Hampton, Georgia, their hometown. In the photos, Shannon appears to be very tired, as she is not opening her eyes hardly at all. The reality TV star is donning a pair of black tights and blue t-shirt, while Doak is wearing what appears to be a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a short-sleeved collared Under Armor shirt.

The new photos come after is was reported that Shannon has no intention of regaining custody of her daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, which she lost following her arrest for crack cocaine possession in March.Thompson has been living with her older sister Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, with sources telling TMZ that the 13-year-old is "in a stable place now."

The source also told TMZ about how Shannon has "abandoned all of her responsibilities as a mother" after rejecting an "olive branch" that her family extended to her. According to the insider, the family allegedly told Shannon that she could regain custody of Thompson if she left Doak, and also agreed to seek professional intervention for her substance abuse issues. The source went on to share that Shannon rejected the family's offer.

Many fans of the family, who've been following them since Toddlers & Tiaras, have commented on what has been happening with Shannon lately, and it is clear that they are sad to see the current path her life is on.

"June Shannon aka #mamajune looks worse than ever. That’s including when we first met she and her family on Toddlers and Tiaras! Clearly she’s still having issues with drugs (and gaining back all the weight she lost) and she’s still choosing her deadbeat boyfriend over her kids," one fan tweeted.

"She hasn’t even gotten that f—ing tooth replaced but when you’re smoking cracking crack I guess there’s no point," the fan added, then pleading, "This is so sad and my heart breaks for her daughters! Get it together girl!!!"


Shannon's family staged an intervention for her in May, but since then it is reported that her daughters have distanced themselves from her due to her relationship with Doak.

Photo Credit: Getty Images