'Mama June' Shannon's Family Is Reportedly 'Deeply Concerned' About Her Amid Legal Drama

"Mama June" Shannon has been amidst a lot of legal drama over the course of the year, and her family is reportedly "deeply concerned" about her. According to TMZ, sources close to Shannon and her family say that she has not communicated with them over the past weeks, and that she has been living in hotels. She reportedly texts her daughters occasionally, but other than that they are said to not have physical or frequent contact with her.

Shannon's troubles started earlier this year when she and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, were arrested on drug charges. They subsequently pleaded not guilty, and will likely have to appear in court again sometime soon.

While Shannon has been out of the picture, her daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson has been living with Shannon's other daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon.

In September, the young reality TV star shared an Instagram post wherein she spoke candidly about how she's been feeling lately, writing, "Can we just be real for a second? Let me tell y'all how proud I am of myself! I have honestly been [through] hell and back this year! And I''m still standing! I have been doing so good in school! And just being more happy!"

"I get so much hate but then I think about who all loves me and i know them haters mean nothing!" Thompson continued. "I have so much going for me and so many people that love me! And the best words you can hear is I see you trying I'm so proud of you! But really that feeling is a whole different story!"

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"Knowing you are making people happy and most importantly you, hits so different!" she went on to say, then concluding her post by writing, "Let me just be the one to tell y'all if you are going through anything right now trust me it gets better you are worth it, I'm so proud of you, I can see you trying, I love you!"

At this time, it is unknown what the future of Shannon's TLC series — Mama June: From Not to Hot — may be, in the wake of her legal issues.


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