Mama June Fans Flock to Her Instagram After She Makes Emotional Plea to Estranged Daughters

A recent plea from "Mama June" Shannon has caused her fans to flock to support her. Earlier today, Shannon posted a selfie to Instagram, which included a heartfelt plea in the caption to her daughters in the wake of her months of turmoil. While Shannon hasn't been in contact with her daughters, she wrote: "I hope one day that will change."

While the comments were overrun with heart emojis, other fans chimed in with words of support for the reality TV star.

"Please get sober and get well," commented one fan. "You were such a great mom and your girls need you and they love you." Another wrote that they "know you will get better," adding my sister did it and so can you." A third told her "don't ever give up," and "don't let the demon win."

Shannon's issues started back in March when she and boyfriend Geno Doak ended up getting arrested at an Alabama gas station following a heated argument. After the police arrived, they were both charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, while Doak was also charged with domestic violence/harassment.

In the months that followed, Shannon and Doak have continued their relationship, even though it doesn't seem to make either of their lives any easier. The couple were reportedly living above a casino where Shannon has been habitually gambling away all her money.


On the reality series, Mama June: From Not to Hot, Shannon's own daughters had an intervention where they pleaded with her to get sober. It did not end up going over well, with Shannon telling everyone that they were "doing some f---ed up s---."

While it was a challenging year for Shannon, she and Doak ended it by trashing an Atlanta hotel room in late December, which caused roughly $1,000 worth of damage.