Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy Announce New Tour With Peta Murgatroyd

Some of Dancing With the Stars' biggest talents, Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy, are joining together with Peta Murgatroyd for a 2018 tour that will be sure to stun.

The stars announced their tour Monday, giving a preview of the Maks, Val and Peta Live on Tour show on Good Morning America.

The brothers previously went on the Maks & Val tour, but Maksim thinks adding his bride to the mix will up the ante.

"We're very excited. It's been a couple years now since Maks & Val, the other tour that we did, and it seems like it's going to be even better," Maks told Us Weekly.

"We had a phenomenal team of people, all of whom are coming back. We think this is going to be head and shoulders above even the last two that we did," he continued. "This time we're bringing a secret weapon which is Mrs. Murgatroyd, or I guess she's Mrs. Chmerkovskiy now."

Maks and Murgatroyd recently welcomed their son, Shai, to their dance troupe in January, tying the knot seven months later.

"Having shared the stage with Val was a ridiculous experience. There's nothing better than doing it with your family," Maks said. "Bringing Peta on just makes that much more sense. I also can't wait to tour with my family and just be on the bus with the little baby Shai and have him be part of this as well."

While watching his wife take the stage a year after having their son is Maks' main source of motivation, he revealed he's been learning a lot working with his brother.

"I think we are each other's biggest critics. We never question the love, so that's why the criticism comes out a lot more verbally," he said. "It took me a second about seven years ago to realize that he's not a kid anymore, he's not my student anymore, he's a grown man with grown man ambitions and I need to be his support and not just tell him what to do, nor did he need me to."

He added: "There would never be an opportunity for us to work together someday, like Maks and Val, if we weren't in the best possible relationship as brothers."

Val also opened up about what he's looking forward to in the tour.

"The first time around was exciting, but we were nervous. It's our own very personal stories and the reception was so incredible. It was certainly the most fulfilling experience professionally I've ever been through. So at the end of the tour, we couldn't wait to get back on the tour and do a sequel," He revealed. "Now that we got a chance to do it again and this time around it's bigger, it's better. We've grown as a family. Our stories have grown, our potential has blossomed believe it or not and like I said, I have even higher expectations for ourselves and also I think our audience will love it this time around even more so than the first time."

"With the confidence that we have from the success of the first one, we're taking on new challenges and telling stories that are even better than before. My brother has his own views on things and the way he likes to voice and express his creativity and his passion and I have mine and Peta has hers. Those differences and celebrating those differences is what makes the show so special because ultimately we are on the same page when it comes to our desire to entertain our audience, to bring light and joy and happiness," the dance pro continued.

The brothers have worked together frequently, which they said is a testament to how they work together.

"There's a reason I keep coming back to do projects with my brother because it makes me better," he said. "Together we have a very special dynamic that brings out the best in each other, so I'm excited to continue that, but also welcome an incredible third piece, Peta Murgatroyd. She is that voice of reason in a lot of our brotherly banter."

The trio is already rehearsing for the tour, which will begin this summer and continue through the winter.

Murgatroyd said she's happy to join the tour after missing out on the last one.

"I am elated. I am so gracious and happy to be part of this tour," she said. "I always sort of felt that need to want to be a part of it and it was just so much fun when I was watching rehearsals that I'm super ecstatic that I get to be part of this one. It's going to be amazing. If you loved the first one, the second one is just going to be on a whole new level."


The dancer added that their family experience will make the performance have a deeper level of intimacy.

"I love honesty and I love a person that doesn't pretend that everything's perfect around them," she said. "It's about love, honesty, family, the challenges of life. It's very unique because we don't have to pretend or act in the show, it's really about family and love and I think people are just going to get a really extra sense and taste of who the three of us are."