Lyssa Chapman Responds to Sister-in-Law Jodie If She'd 'Come to Idaho' After Late Mother Beth's Celebration of Life

Jodie Chapman, one of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman's daughters-in-law, challenged her family to visit her in Idaho after she traveled to Colorado for stepmother-in-law Beth Chapman's Celebration of Life ceremony Saturday. Sister-in-law Lyssa Chapman was the first to respond, and it looks like Jodie might want to drop the challenge.

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On Sunday, Jodie, the wife of Dog's son Wesley Chapman, shared photos from the special event, including one of Dog with Wesley. Other photos showed Jodie and Wesley with their friends.

"Had a very special time in Denver celebrating the life of [Beth Chapman] with family, friends and fans," Jodie wrote. "The memorial service was beautiful & spending time with the family was much needed."
In the end, she added, "Now it's time for you all to come to Idaho."

Lyssa spotted the challenge on Jodie's Twitter page. She retweeted her sister-in-law, adding, "Oh girl, careful what you wish for..."

Wesley and Jodie live in Idaho, where they record a podcast called Life With The Chapmans. Wesley also found the charity A Human Project.

On July 1, Jodie shared an inspirational post with her fans, noting that the losses in her life reminded her that life is short. Jodie lost her brother in 2016, grandfather in 2019 and grandmother earlier this year.

"You just never know from one minute to the next when it'll be over or when you'll get that dreaded phone call. When you wish you would of called or had the chance to say I love you one last time," Jodie wrote at the time. "Father Time has a way of taking people from us when we least expect it. And with that, I have learned a lot."

Beth Chapman died on June 26 after a battle with throat cancer. Dog held a small memorial in Hawaii a couple days after her death, but the family gathered again Saturday at Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado to remember her. Towards the end of the memorial, Dog gave a passionate speech.

"I still haven't let her go," Dog said through tears. "She will never be dead to me. She is [just] in another place."

Although Beth was cremated, Dog said he had trouble following through with her request to scatter her ashes. In fact, he told Entertainment Tonight that sometimes he drives with them strapped into his car.

"So, I wanted to put them in the car and seatbelt them in. And I want to take them with me. But that's like, morbid, you know? You gotta really watch it," Dog said. "These are the times when people go over the edge. And you really gotta watch how you do 'cause my life, I went through experiences to help others -- I really mean this."


Beth will be seen in Dog's Most Wanted, a new series debuting on WGN America next year.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jodie Chapman