'Love & Marriage: D.C.' Producer Carlos King Responds to Monique Samuels' Exit (Exclusive)

Carlos King, the former executive producer of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is breaking his silence on RHOP Monique Samuels' exit from his OWN-produced reality series Love & Marriage: D.C. The series is a spinoff of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, with Season 1 following three couples navigating love, parenthood, businesses, and friendship in Washington, D.C. Monique starred on the show alongside her husband, former NFL player Chris Samuels. Also on the show is DMV-based disc jockey DJ Quick Silva and his wife Ashley, and Jamie and Erana Taylor. The Samuels' marital trouble was on full display, with Monique complaining about Chris being stagnant and their marriage and Chris feeling frustrated and rushed to grow into the man she preferred. After the Season 2 teaser showed the Silvas and Taylors minus the Samuels, fans wondered why. Monique later addressed her exit on her morning radio D.C. show. 

"The main reason we didn't start filming was because of contract issues. So, God works in mysterious ways," Monique explained on the radio show. "Because how convenient was it that this whole divorce narrative was put out there…." she explained. "So, yes, it is true. Chris and I will not be returning…I will never put myself in a position to be devalued again. The contract has to make sense to me."

She insisted there was no bad blood between her or any of the cast members and encouraged all to tune in. The former reality star has continued to spend time with her former co-stars and chronicles their adventures on social media. She also instated there is no drama between her and King, who created the show around her and Chris. King echoed similar sentiments in an upcoming episode of his Reality With the King podcast. PopCulture.com received an exclusive clip where King explains their departure. 

"Monique Samuels will not be appearing in the second installment of Love & Marriage: DC, and we are moving forward with the show. I have to say, and this is no cap, because you know I don't lie, baby, this season is explosive. It's fantastic!" he explained. "The first episode dives right into it, and this is one of the best season premieres I've seen. It is really good." Watch the full Reality With the King clip above.