'Love Is Blind' Star Hospitalized

Love is Blind star Iyanna McNeely was hospitalized and in "excruciating" pain earlier this month, but says she's on the road to recovery after a "traumatizing" week and a half. The 28-year-old, who appeared on Season 2 of the hit Netflix dating series, revealed last Saturday that she was recently hospitalized for a Bartholin cyst, a fluid-filled lump near the vaginal opening that occurs in only about 2% of all women at some time in their life, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Although Bartholin cysts are rarely a serious condition, they require medical attention if they become infected.

Opening up about the painful experience with fans, McNeely asked, "Has anyone ever had a Bartholin cyst? I can't move... Your girl is in extreme pain. Why does no one talk about these? And apparently now that I've gotten one, I'm gonna keep getting them for literally no reason. I love being a woman." She went on to reveal that she spent several days experiencing "excruciating pain and my skin stretching to its limit" before her "friends came to the rescue," and ushered a "terrified" McNeely to the emergency room. According to McNeely, she waited for six hours before she "finally got a room and was cut open and everything was drained – painfully, I might add."

Unfortunately for McNeely, that was just the beginning of her ordeal. Although the reality star was feeling better once she returned home, the pain returned, this time more severe, within just a few hours, and she had to return to the emergency room. After being treated again, McNeely confirmed, "I'm home now with limited mobility but at least I can waddle without pain," quipping that she "loves sharing her trauma" with her followers.

"TikTok has gotten most of my energy so you guys are a bit behind. Here's a week in the life that can never seem to just be chill," McNeely captioned the video. "You guys are awesome and essential to my life. Here's to healing and hopefully soon being able to dance in my apartment alone again!"

McNeely, who last Monday shared with fans that she is finally able to walk and leave the house again for the first time in two weeks, was met with an outpouring of support. Commenting on the post, one emergency room worker acknowledged that "these and other cysts are very common and not talked about" before thanking McNeely "for starting the conversation. Hopefully more people will discuss these types of issues without fear of shame. Heal quickly." Another person lamented, "being a woman is so exhausting sometimes."