'Little Women: LA' Personality Terra Jole Comments on Briana Renee's Divorce

She hates to say, "I told you so!" Little Women: LA personality Terra Jolé is opening up about her frenemy Briana Renee amid the former cast member's divorce from husband Matt Grundhoffer.

While Jolé and Renee have definitely had their drama over the years, Jolé told InTouch Weekly this weekend that she did sympathize with her former friend during this hard time.

"I hate speaking ill will after so much has happened. It's sad that the prediction is true. I wish that we predicted the wrong thing," she shared. "I wish Briana nothing but love and family and the best in her life. I hope that she's happy at the end of the day."

After filing for divorce from her husband in November, Renee announced she would not be participating in the seventh season of the Lifetime reality series, which Jolé said was surprising.

"Especially since she just came out with her own single — I'm surprised she wouldn't want to be a part of something that was giving that limelight," she explained. "I respect her decision and wish her nothing but the best."

The Cage singer revealed last year that she and her husband of three years would be moving forward with a divorce, telling In Touch at the time, "The final straw for me was that I had my trust broken one too many times, and even with marital counseling, I couldn't get myself back to a place where I didn't question him all the time. I grew resentful and unappreciative of anything nice he would do, and we just started fighting all the time. We became toxic and I can't expect him to be someone he's not."

Renee also filed for a restraining order against Grundhoffer in December, according to TMZ, stating in court documents that she was verbally abused by her ex at least twice, with him calling her a "c—" and a "worthless b—," threatening to take their 1-year-old son, Maverick.

Renee also claimed that her ex is frequently drunk and threatens violence when he is.

In April 2017, documents obtained by TMZ say he threatened to "kill everyone in the house" and in June, he implied he was going to kill himself.

The television personality also said in the documents she found messages between Grundhoffer and another woman, including "sexually explicit and disturbing" descriptions allegedly involving "bestiality and proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of sex acts with Grundhoffer's minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship."

A judge granted Renee a restraining order for her and their son.


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Photo credit: Instagram/Terra Jole