'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Chides Tonya Banks Over Her New Crush in Exclusive Clip

Terra Jole can't believe Tonya Banks is back on the Jaa train. The Little Women: LA besties recently made up on the Lifetime reality series, but their friendship may be facing a new test as Banks reveals she's been crushing on her ex again.

In an exclusive preview of Wednesday's all-new episode, Banks, Jole and Elena Gant are talking about their recent not-just-girls' trip to Solvang when Gant lets it slip that Banks confessed while less-than-sober that she's starting to have romantic feelings for Jaa once again. There's only one problem: Jaa has a girlfriend.

"Damn Elena, why you cant just keep your big mouth shut?" Banks chides in a confessional interview.

When she admits she's beginning to "feel a certain kind of way about Jaa," Jole's stunned and confused face says it all.

"That's what I said," Gant jokes to her shocked friend.

"As in, like, I have a girlfriend Jaa?" Jole clarifies.

Banks says she's trying not to mess up the friendship and working relationship she has with her ex, adding that when the pair formerly dated three years ago, "he wasn't ready to give me what I wanted in a relationship."

The show then flashes back to the day the couple decided to call things off, when the two decide they're not breaking up, just "taking a hiatus."

"If what you want is out there and you find it before I'm ready, then I understand," he told her at the time.

"Now all those old feelings that I had for him are starting to come back," Banks tells the cameras now.

For Jole, the bad timing of this new crush is only half of the equation.

"One, it hurts me that after this entire weekend, Elena had to be the one to tell me this instead of you," she tells her friend. "And secondly, this woman trusts you, because she knows that Jaa is faithful to her. I don't think you should act on this right now."

Banks confirms she's not going to act on her feelings right now, but Gant and Jole aren't sure that she should be harboring these feelings at all.

"I think you're playing with fire, honestly," Gant says.

Jole thinks she understands where this odd resurgence of romance is coming from, and it's that Jaa has been helping Banks with her businesses lately.

"When you get help from a man, you're like, 'Man, I love him!'" she hypothesizes. "It's almost like when my husband cleans, it's like, 'Dang, I wanna have sex tonight, like that turns me on.' And I think Jaa kind of does that for Tonya. But why not see what else is out there on the single front? People that don't have girlfriend?"


Can Banks put her crush behind her for the sake of not just one, but two friendships?

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