'Little Women: LA' Star Briana Renee’s Ex Accused of Sexually Assaulting Minor

More allegations of sexual assault have emerged against Little Women: LA star Briana Renee's estranged husband Matt Grundhoffer, Radar reported Tuesday.

After being accused by Renee of performing sex acts on a minor in her November 2017 divorce filings, Radar obtained court papers from the Superior Court of the State of Washington from an alleged victim of Grundhoffer's.

The victim, who PopCulture has not named, filed a lawsuit on June 4 against the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services, and Child Study and Treatment Center. While being held involuntarily at the treatment center as a minor in 2009, she came into contact with Grundhoffer, who worked as a counselor at the time.

"Defendants knew or should have known that Grundhoffer posed a danger to [Plaintiff] and others at CSTC," the court papers read, according to Radar. "[Plaintiff] met Grundhoffer at a time when she was a minor child and vulnerable."

She continued, "Grundhoffer manipulated that vulnerability by grooming [Plaintiff] during their counseling sessions for a romantic relationship and breached his ethical duties by engaging in a sexual relationship with [Plaintiff] while she was a patient, a minor child and held at CSTC."

She then claimed she "developed an emotional dependency" on Grundhoffer, who was in a place of power, but her trust was betrayed when he "pursued a personal and sexual relationship."

"Grundhoffer's sexual abuse of [Plaintiff] continued after her discharge from CSTC," the court papers read. "The improper relationship has caused significant confusion and severe emotional harm to [Plaintiff], including humiliation, mental anguish, shame, depression and general deterioration of her emotional wellbeing."

The facility and the state of Washington were named in the lawsuit due to their alleged failure to protect her, which she alleged was "reckless, grossly negligent, negligent and in bad faith."

A trial has been set for June 3, 2019.

Grundhoffer has not responded publicly to the allegations against him.

Renee has alleged this kind of behavior against her ex in the past, having filed for divorce in November 2017 and a request for a domestic violence restraining order against him to protect her and their son, Maverick.

As previously reported, Grundhoffer allegedly called Renee a "c—," "stupid piece of s—" and a "worthless b—" immediately prior to the divorce filing.

"Matthew specifically states he would take our son away from me and take him to Washington," Renee alleged in court documents. Prior to that, she alleged he went on a "four day drinking binge" and attacked her verbally.

There were also concerns about infidelity and graphic sexual behavior with another woman, based on conversations she allegedly found on his cell phone.

"The conversations were recent and involved bestiality and the proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of involving sex acts with Matthew's minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship," she claimed. "I am fearful for him to be left alone with our minor son."


She was granted sole custody of Maverick with no visitation following the filing, and quit the Lifetime show.

Photo credit: Instagram/Briana Renee