'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Abira Gets Emotional Talking About Her Mom in Touching Exclusive Clip

Abira Greene's new song has the Little Women: Atlanta star all in her feelings as she reflects on growing up as a little person.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the Lifetime reality series' (produced by Kinetic Content) all-new episode Thursday, the artist debuts her song "Mama" for a crowd, revealing there's more to the tune than just a great beat.

"The song 'Mama' means a lot to me, because it's for my mom," she reveals to the camera in an emotional sidebar. "My mom means everything to me. Everything."

Growing up as a little person came with its own challenges as Abira navigated being different from the other children, but having a mother who pushed her to be 100 percent herself all the time, regardless of how hard things can be.

"She could have treated me like a baby because I was little," Abira continues. "She could have sheltered me, but she didn't. She pushed me out there, she made me to be bigger and to be better, and to stick with what you guys know as the average person."

Letting her tears flow, Abira gushes, "I thank her for that, and I love her," before turning on her signature sass and concluding, "Without that, I wouldn't be able to shake these b—es the way I do, ha!"

It's been a tough season for Abira and the other Little Women: Atlanta stars, as they have been working to secure a contract with Street Execs, which has doubted their musical ability due to their stature.

"This is bulls—," Abira said of the situation earlier this season. "I've been dealing with this kind of prejudice my whole life. I would think the Street Execs would know there's more to us than just our height. I mean, come on man!"


Little Women: Atlanta (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime