'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Talks Wedding to Caryn Chandler in Exclusive Preview

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler aren't rushing down the aisle anytime soon, and they certainly [...]

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler aren't rushing down the aisle anytime soon, and they certainly won't be pushing for a joint wedding with Amy Roloff and Chris Marek! In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Tuesday's episode of Little People, Big World, Matt and his longtime girlfriend are grilled on the future of their relationship by the TLC star's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff, who have an interesting suggestion for the duo.

As Matt talks about "moving fast and furious" to build a new house, his parents cut right to the chase when it comes to his newest project. "Now, what's the deal?" Peggy asks, with Ron chiming in, "You're building a house for whom?" While Matt tries to explain he wants a place for the grandchildren to be able to grow up, his dad cuts in bluntly, "Are you guys gonna get married? What's the deal here? What's the house for?"

Turning to Chandler for help, the former farm manager turns the question back on her beau, playfully asking, "You're building it, you tell me [what the house is for]." Matt's dad then asks, "How can you have a home without a wife?" before the Roloff Farms founder responds, "Well, that may happen."

"Well, I think it would be perfect if Amy and Chris and you guys got married the same day, same place," Ron continues. "Have a double wedding. It's just like the modern family! You guys could set the pace for the modern family." While Chandler jokes she will "put a pin" in that idea, Peggy whispers to her, "Don't do that."

Matt and Chandler have been together for at least three years now, going public with their relationship in 2017 after his split with ex-wife Amy, but the happy couple isn't rushing to change their lifestyle anytime soon. "As far as getting married, you know, people ask me," Chandler tells the camera. "My friends, my girlfriends say, 'Oh, what's the future?' And I always just say, 'You know, we're just not thinking about that right now.'"

While Amy and her fiancé prepare for their life as a married couple, Chandler and Matt just don't have a wedding on their mind for now. "Not to say we never will, but it's just not a priority. I like it just the way it is," Chandler continues, as Matt agrees, "I do too." Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. For more on the Roloffs from PopCulture, click here.