'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Re-Selling Family Farm at Heavy Discount

The Roloff Farms property in Oregon is back on the market for almost $700,000 less than its initial listing price.

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is reportedly re-selling his family farm at a heavy discount. In Touch reports that the Helvetia, Oregon property was previously listed for $4 million in October 2022. However, the outlet reports that Roloff has now slashed the price to $3,395,000, per an online listing.

The Roloff Farm property features an 8,938-square-foot home with six bedrooms and five and a half baths. It sits on 16 acres of land, which is also included in the purchase price. In Touch noted that Roloff has not offered a statement about why he chose to re-list the farm. Since November 2022, it has been an Airbnb vacation rental, with a starting rate of $1,280 per night.

Roloff first revealed his Airbnb plans for the farm in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight. "Well, we haven't sold it," he told the outlet. "Plan B is actually taking place right now. All of the families that looked at the farm but couldn't get their heads around the long-term commitment of purchasing it are now gonna be able to stay here as a short-term rental, so I think Airbnb. We're gonna set the farm up for more people to share it, for a week or less than a week. So we're very excited about that."

The reality TV star added that he was hopeful for renters who understood the farm as "a labor of love," which could in turn relieve some pressure on him. "That's the super scary part," he said. "We're allowing people to come into our [house], so that's the scary part. The idea that we are gonna continue to own the farm and I will have to continue to maintain it and be responsible for the maintenance of it, which is the part I don't like about it. Because that's the part I was trying to get rid of the most was the maintenance."

He later revealed that the idea for renting the property came from his ex-wife. "Amy actually thought of it years ago and bugged me about it," Roloff confessed. "She likes to give me a really hard time about it. It's all fun. We've had some laughs about that." He added that hoped the rental plan would also give his children and their families more time to enjoy the property.

"The one thing I always wanted was for the kids to figure out a way to share the farm, all four kids. And now with this new arrangement, it is shared because these kids can block out time, family members can block out weeks or days," Roloff said. "It's like having a family timeshare. When the idea came forward, it really seemed like Plan B was actually a good plan and should maybe have been Plan A."