'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Clarifies Farm Deal With Ex Amy After Buyout Agreement

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff explained the details of the Roloff Farms ownership deal he struck with ex-wife Amy Roloff in a lengthy Instagram post published Thursday.

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In the post, Roloff told fans the farm will still be open for Pumpkin Season in the fall, as seeds were planted earlier this week. He also said the scenes on their television show did not explain every part of the buyout deal with Amy, since that would not have made for engaging television. Roloff said Amy sold him her part of the share for the side he lived on.

"She will remain in her house (and on the farm) and 1/2 owner of our original farm until she decides to leave... At that time we will jointly work to sell the side she lives on together," Roloff explained. "This may happen in the future but it's not happening yet! The only change (for now) is that I will take title to the DW and can decide to remodel it to be more accessible with a lower kitchen or walk-in shower like my home in Arizona."

Roloff said the future of the farm is still unknown, but this is where they are now. "Maybe one of the kids will eventually buy it?? Who knows?" he wrote.

Roloff later posted another comment on the Instagram post, adding that some parts of the deal where just "too laborious" to be shown on television.

"There are many many more things to clarify that will surprise many of you (details that are too laborious) to make good TV so sometimes content is condensed into the hour show," Roloff wrote. "Sometimes what they capture at one point becomes old news by the time the show airs. I say my favorite color is Red... then 6 months later it changed to blue."

He continued, "How does a TV show deal with that type of dynamic? That's a silly example but hopefully makes the point to most of you. I know some will never understand the production process. Either way... at some point I hope to find the right forum to go online and answer many more misconceptions and clarify things from my personal perspective.. I hope to do that soon."

Fans have been left confused about the ownership situation of the farm because of how the issue was handled on the TLC series. Roloff and Amy divorced in 2016, and Roloff moved to Arizona with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Amy remained at the farm in Helvetia, Oregon. Fans did see Amy take the buyout, which left many shocked and confused.

"I've been dreading making this decision," Amy said during the season finale. "I wish it came a lot quicker, but it didn't. And so I did take the time. It wasn't easy for me, but I'm glad it's here now."

Amy is also having a difficult time, as she revealed on Instagram Friday her mother "isn't doing so well" and she was visiting her parents. "Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get," she wrote.


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