Jeremy Roloff Shares 'First Official' Photo of Him With Wife Audrey

Jeremy Roloff is giving his fans a glimpse at the "first official photo" he took with his wife Audrey Roloff. The Little People, Big World star took to Instagram earlier this week to upload the adorable snaps.

"This is right where Auj and I took our first official photo seven years ago," he wrote in the caption. "We weren't quite dating yet, but I told her I wanted to get a photo of us to document our summer. We were treading lightly, nervous that the wrong word might derail what we had going. It was brilliant – slow, nerving, exciting, and real – a relationship that was growing it's roots.

"I knew I had to get this photo, so I set up my tripod, set the timer, and boom (see next photo) we timestamped the moment and filed it away unsure of what was to come of us. Now we stand here seven years later taking a similar photo, about to do the same thing with our daughter!" he continued.

Jeremy also added a slew of hashtags including "#beating50percent #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj."

On Sunday of this week, Jeremy and Audrey welcomed their first child. Their baby girl, Ember Jean Roloff, was born at 9:40 a.m. and weighed 7.13 pounds.

Jeremy sang his wife's praises for her strength while in labor.

"Audrey did amazing. Natural labor is no joke. I have a renewed appreciation for her strength," he told Us Weekly. "And Ember is just miraculous. Perfect little baby. I'm In awe by the circle of life."


See the first pictures of Jeremy and Audrey's child here.