'Little People, Big World' Son Jacob Roloff Posts Photo Smoking, and Some Fans Are Not Pleased

Jacob Roloff has ignited some really spirited reactions with his latest Instagram post. The Little People, Big World alum shared a photo of himself strolling through a forest. And while no one took issue with that particular aspect, the fact he was smoking something (though it's not clear what, exactly) did cause a few of his followers to get hot under the collar.

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"The old hang," the caption read, alongside a wandering/hike emoji. And while some appreciated the serene imagery, Roloff's smoking became a contested issue throughout the comments.

"Smoking anything is unhealthy," wrote one commenter, while another simply labeled him as a "polluter." Still, another suggested, "maybe don't smoke in the redwoods?" Additionally, one pointed out Roloff's home state, writing "I'm disappointed that you are smoking in the forest. You grew up in [the] Portland area you saw how horrible to Gorge Fire was."

Others wrote off the critical comments altogether.

"Why is everyone so shocked and shaken? He is still Jacob and Jacob is living his life happily on his own," wrote one advocate. "So what if he is smoking pot or whatever. It's Legal and he is still a great and intelligent kid. Yes, I say kid as I'm old enough too be his mama. Let him be and stop putting him down or giving him a thumbs down. If you don't like it or him, scroll on or better yet, get off his Instagram."

Last week, Roloff's parents, Matt and Amy, each posted photos commemorating his 23rd birthday. Then, earlier this month, Roloff got to show off his skills as a tolerant uncle in a series of videos his sister-in-law, Audrey, posted to Instagram.

Back in September 2019, PEOPLE reported that Jacob had tied the knot with his fiance, Isabel Sofia Rock in a quaint farmhouse ceremony. One year prior to their nuptials, Isabel revealed the couple's wedding date and opened up about the challenging emotional journey she'd been on.


"This has been a really challenging season of life for me, and for us, and we have been in 'transition' for what feels like an eternity. I know it is all part of our journey, and I am trying to honor that while also manage my anxiety," she wrote at the time.