'Little People, Big World' Alum Audrey Roloff's Comments About the ER Following Ember's Hospitalization Sparks Backlash

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff recently made some comments about the ER, following her daughter Ember's hospitalization, and her Instagram post has sparked backlash.

In the post, Roloff shared a photo that was snapped during the visit, and elaborated on what they had been through.

"Last week Ember came down with her first bad tummy bug and it was a solid 4 or 5 days of 'owie tummy,' fever and vommiting... she started to feel better for a couple days, but then started saying 'owie' when she went to the bathroom... and then at night spiked a high fever so I was concerned about a UTI. We walked in to the ER at 11 p.m. and didn't get discharged till 5 a.m. Sitting on that miserable chair all night, while 37 weeks pregnant, just to wait for a urine sample and a nose swab," Roloff wrote. "I do not understand the ER. Welp, turns out she has RSV on top of everything else she's been through the last week. Was up all night again last night with a horrible cough and fever."

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Roloff's comments have been taken as her being critical of the ER, to which many users are upset about.

"I cannot speak for all hospitals but just know us healthcare staff do not try to make patients wait so long. Remember there are other patients who come in and emergently need care. It's unfortunate for other patients," one person said. "But remember be thankful for health, happiness and the position you are in! Us healthcare staff work our buns off to help the patients by making them first! Good well wishes being sent your way!"


"I understand your frustration. But ERs have wait times like that because there are probably people being seen ahead of you who are in much worse condition," another wrote. "There may have been a team working to save a life. As the lead medic in the ER on a military post, I had a parent scream at me for not seeing her daughter quickly (the child had strep) just after I had to tell another mother that I had given everything I had to try and save her 16 year old son who had hung himself. He died. ER waits are lengthy for those who aren't dying because we are trying to save those who are. Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon."

"I pray she feels better. Sitting and waiting while pregnant and your baby is sick is very frustrating I understand, I have three girls myself. But please even in frustrating times try to understand the E.R employees R.N's, Doctors, CNA's and techs etc. are all working double shifts sometimes even triple shifts, sleeping a minimum just to get back in again or not even going home to sleep but sleeping in the breakroom," someone else added. "Yes they need more qualified people to help us and our loved ones, but until then they are doing what they can with what they have."