'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Pays Tribute to Late Sister on Trip With Boyfriend Chris Marek

Amy Roloff is reflecting on life with her late sister while on a road trip with boyfriend Chris Marek.

The Little People, Big World star shared a photo of herself and her beau roadside in matching biker gear, reminiscing on times with sister Cyndi, who passed away four years ago after being sick for quite a while.

"A fantastic first motorcycle ride last Saturday landed us at spectacular Silver Falls State Park. I love riding with this man!" she began. "I'm amazed how much I do love to ride. First I love being with Chris."

LPBW Amy Roloff
(Photo: Instagram/Amy Roloff)

She continued, "It also reminds me so much of my oldest sister Cyndi, she passed away from an illness 4 years ago, who loved to ride. Maybe it’s because we get to ride on some of the less traveled back roads, see farm fields, the beautiful countryside, pass through smaller local towns, eat at local restaurants, the awesome wide open views all around me and most of all, did I say it already [smiley face emoji]. I love being and riding with Chris and can’t wait to go on the next one."

It's the simple pleasures in life that really made the TLC personality reflect on her past, "I’m very thankful I get to enjoy some of life little moments."

Things aren't that simple on the ongoing season of Little People, Big World, where she's battling with ex-husband Matt Roloff over the fate of their farm.

"Several months ago I asked Amy what she wants to do with the farm," Matt said in the season premiere Tuesday. "One of my frustrations is, you know, she's reluctant to make decisions often."

Amy, meanwhile, wasn't sure why the decision of the sale of the farm would fall completely on her, saying of the future decision with Matt, "I don't think it's going to be easy because I don't think he's going to like whatever I do."

Staying on the farm with her ex, especially as her children have all moved out of the house, just didn't make sense, she concluded.

"Divorce definitely threw me for a loop. And now the kids are moving on... you blink and they're gone. I think that the fame and the kids are what have held me here," she told the camera. "I do have to make some sort of decision soon because if not I'll feel like I'm always in limbo still."


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Instagram/Amy Roloff