'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff Claps Back at Fan Who Calls Her Storyline 'Annoying'

Amy Roloff had some interesting feedback for critics of her current Little People, Big World storyline. The TLC personality has received a lot of backlash on Instagram over her appearances on the show being "annoying," and she appeared to agree.

Roloff posted a photo on the social media site teasing an upcoming episode of the show, during which she'd finally make a decision about selling the family farm — a decision she noted was "a long time in the making."

A fan commented, admitting that it had been "just [a] little annoying" to watch Roloff go back-and-forth about selling the farm or not. The viewer added that they were "at the point where do I even wanna watch it [?]"

(Photo: Instagram/@amyjroloff)

Roloff replied, admitting that she was starting to feel the same. She told the commenter that she had spoken with producers about switching things up to no avail. Roloff was adamant in her comment that she and her family "have more to tell."

"I know. That's what we kind of told the producers. We have more to tell," she said. "Here's to a possible season 15?"

There are definitely no shortage of interesting things going on in Roloff's life. She's happy and in love following her divorce from husband Matt Roloff, and fans love seeing updates on her and boyfriend Chris Marek's romance.

Most recently, viewers were shocked to watch Marek and Roloff's ex Matt bond during an episode of the show. The men came together at Tori Roloff's housewarming party, and hit it off. They made plans to spend some one-on-one time together driving tractors and doing other things.

Viewers weren't the only ones surprised by their tight bond. Roloff admitted she was nervous about what would happen when the men got together. Things turned out better than expected, however.

"At first, I was a little like, 'OK what's going on here,'" she said on Little People, Big World. "I was worried about do each of them know what the expectations are of the other here?"

Marek offered to cancel if his friendship with Matt made Roloff uncomfortable, but she said it simply struck her as odd. Amy encouraged her beau to stick with his plans, and spend some time with Matt.


"I'm not nervous exactly," she said. "I, of course, trust Chris, but Matt always has something on his mind that will come out as a surprise. I would definitely love to be invisible and part of the conversation between the two of them on that tractor."

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.