Lindsie Chrisley, Todd Chrisley's Estranged Daughter, Hires Security Amid Tax Evasion Drama

Lindsie Chrisley is beefing up her security after her father, Todd Chrisley, and his wife, Julie, were indicted for tax evasion last week. According to sources who spoke to TMZ, Chrisley, who left her family's series Chrisley Knows Best in 2017, is shelling out an estimated $130 per hour for her new armed security guard out of fear of retaliation either from her father or her brothers, Chase and Kyle.

Sources claimed that Chrisley hired the security guard, an off-duty police officer, to be with her “practically round-the-clock” and that her concern of retaliation is so great that she even went to her local police department.

The new drama and fears for her safety come after Todd and Julie were indicted on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at the U.S. District Courthouse of Northern Georgia. They face 12 charges of tax evasion, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and wire fraud conspiracy. They face upward of 30 years in prison if found guilty.

While Chrisley has reportedly had no contact with her father in some time, the tension between them was reignited after reports surfaced that she blew the whistle on the alleged tax evasion and financial fraud.

The rift was further deepened after Chrisley publicly accused her father of attempted extortion, claiming that Todd and her brother Chase harassed and threatened her over an alleged sex tape. According to a police report, Chrisley claimed that her father and brother wanted her to lie about an incident and if she refused to do so, they were going to release the sex tape involving her."

In a statement to TMZ, Chase denied the allegations.

“I love my sister and I don't understand why she's doing this to our family,” he said. “Not only am I heartbroken over these false allegations by my sister — and they are totally false — but so are my parents and the rest of our family."


Todd also denied the claims, escalating the drama when he alleged that his daughter was intimately involved with former Bachelorette contestants Robby Hayes and Josh Murray.

Chrisley’s lawyer, Musa Ghanayem, responded to the claims in a statement shortly after, stating, “Lindsie would like nothing more than to be left alone and go about her own business. Unfortunately, certain members of her family will not let her live in peace. We are flabbergasted at the audacity of Todd and Chase Chrisley, who are more focused on attacking my client rather than defending themselves against the allegations of criminal conduct... Lindsie prays for a just outcome so that she can go forward with her life safe from those who are looking to do her harm."