Lindsay Lohan Says Her 'Biggest Fear in the World' Is 'Being Judged'

After spending her whole life in the spotlight, Lindsay Lohan just wants to be free of judging eyes.

In Tuesday's all-new episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, the former child star worked to inspire her VIP ambassadors to bring her Mykonos, Greece day club to the next level for everyone.

"It's a controlled environment where people can be happy," she said of Lohan Beach Club. "My biggest fear in the world is being judged."

She continued of her decision to move abroad and become an entrepreneur, "I got into this because I love music and I love people being happy, and I don't like people judging people."

It's this desire that pushes her to be so hard on her ambassadors.

"Just like everyone's watching me, I'm watching them," she said. "It's my name, so when people come there, they're expecting to either see me or have an energy of what I'm like as a person. So I have to make sure my VIP hosts relay that message through their actions and how they present themselves. And if they can't do that, that's an issue for me."

Prior to Lohan's MTV premiere, she opened up more to Entertainment Tonight about her journey from young starlet to boss.

The Parent Trap actress called the new show “an opportunity” for her to rewrite her history as a troubled young actress, and one she hopes people will “please just leave me alone and just give me positive affirmations” for.

“This is a time for me to just show people that the past is the past and we’re only moving forward,” she explained of her decision to show her employer-employee relationship on reality television. “It was definitely a juxtaposed position that I was put in, and I really appreciate that and admire it because these kids also have their own issues they’re going through in those moments, and I got to have some insight and get to know these people.”

In last week's episode, she revealed of her business endeavor, "There's a bigger picture to all of this, I mean we can really do something different. All of our stories have a different perspective on other people's lives, and I think that we forget that because we move so fast here, because it's so fun and we want to party and we go quick. You're not going to be the people that you all say you want to be if you don’t actually focus on what you really f—ing want."


Lindsay Lohan Beach Club airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV