Lindsay Hubbard Hopes 'Summer House' Season 8 Will 'Fill in Some Blanks' About Carl Radke Breakup (Exclusive)

Hubbard's split from fiancé Carl Radke will play out on 'Summer House' Season 8.

Lindsay Hubbard is hoping to find clarity in Summer House Season 8. Ahead of the Bravo show's season premiere Thursday, Hubbard opened up to about seeing the "traumatic" end of her engagement to Carl Radke play out on camera and how she's moving forward with friends and new endeavors. 

The Summer House star told PopCulture that "thankfully, a lot of stuff around the breakup was towards the end of the summer," which will allow her to "ease into" watching back the more difficult parts of Season 8. "I am looking forward to the fun parts of this season and I'm hoping that that'll help carry me through the more difficult rewatches that I have to do," she shared.

Those difficult rewatches may serve a purpose, however. "It's interesting," she continued. "We're an ensemble cast, so I don't know what conversations go on behind closed doors. I think it'll help maybe fill in some blanks for me and connect some dots whereas I haven't had any explanation on a lot of the breakup. So I'm hoping to get some answers when I do watch."

Hubbard confessed she's "a little bit nervous" to see the season play out, as it's "probably the most traumatic event" of her adult life, "but I think I just have to remind myself that I've already lived it. I've already gotten through it and that's it." 

For now, the Bravolebrity is staying focused on the more positive aspects of her life, including repairing and rebuilding her friendship with Danielle Olivera after fans saw them at odds last season over Hubbard's relationship with Radke. Hubbard revealed it "didn't take much time at all for us to just fall right back into our Lindsay and Danielle selves" during Season 8, adding, "We couldn't quit each other and we couldn't help ourselves." Olivera was also "wonderful" and "really there" for her friend during the fallout from her broken engagement, "and it's nice that we're both single at the same time again because that's been a while. So arroz con pollo are back."

Hubbard is also getting back out into the dating world and "seeing who I vibe with right now." The reality personality explained, "I think it's important for me specifically to find somebody who I'm compatible with, first and foremost. I've always put a lot of pressure on myself and maybe it's just like society. I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh, I have eggs and I need to have a family.' ... But my therapist always tells me, she's like, 'You know what? I know that having a family has been a priority for you and you've always wanted it, but why don't you make sure you're compatible first and foremost with someone?' So that's what I'm doing. And you know what? It's a fun process."

Hubbard is looking for "chemistry" with an "ambitious and driven" partner moving forward, as those two qualities "weren't quite at the top of the list, but got moved to the top of the list once I became single." She continued, "I have a lot of drive and I have a lot of energy, so I just want someone to match that energy. ... So yeah, we'll see what I wind up with. Maybe by next summer."

Meanwhile, Hubbard has been keeping herself busy opening Hubb House, a new rental property in Nashville, Tennessee that Bravo fans and Music City fans alike can join the waiting list for now. And with so much on her plate, Hubbard is making sure she keeps tax season stress-free through her partnership with Straight Talk Wireless

"It's no secret that during tax season people get really stressed out. They're frustrated. They're activated," she explained. "And actually a new survey came out where one in five people get [so] frustrated with their taxes that they want to throw their phones. So I partnered with Straight Talk Wireless and they're offering an exclusive tax season deal where customers can get a free Samsung Galaxy A14 when they sign up for the Straight Talk Silver Unlimited plan." 

While people may want to use their tax refund to upgrade their phone, Hubbard advised "preparing as early as possible" and filing early to keep phone projectiles to a minimum. "Don't wait until the deadline because [then] you're probably going to wind up throwing your phone," she joked. 

Summer House premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.