Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pilar Shares 'Happy Place' Photo With Husband, and Fans Can't Stop Commenting

Jamie Pilar and Leland Chapman want to be your 2020 couple goals. The Dog the Bounty Hunter personalities were seen getting flirty with some sweets in a new photo posted by Pilar to her Instagram before the weekend. The photo showed the couple laughing during a sweet moment as they gave each other a snack and smiled as they looked at each other. They both wore white outfits, and tagged their location to Nashville, Tennessee.

"He is my happy place [white heart emoji]," Pilar wrote in the caption of the touching photo, posted Friday night.

The shot caught the attention of Chapman family fans, who took to the comments section of the sweet photo to throw praise at the loving couple.

"Y'all too damn cute [two red heart emojis]," one user wrote.

"Such beautiful pics!! I am a silent observer but have seen alot(sic) of hate the last few weeks or so, so decided to break the silence and show you the love that I think you deserve, these pics are such a window into your relationship, you can see the love, the companionship, the respect, the kinkyness and the friendship you have!! Thank you for sharing it with us, I hope 2020 brings even more joy, love and blessings for you and your family!!!" Another user mused.

"You both look so cute together," another user wrote.

"Have you guys had your bath today," another user commented, referencing a previous steamy photo shared by the couple.

"You guys are the absolute cutest![red heart emoji] I'd do anything for a dm from you two!" Another user commented.

"Whevv(sic) are y'all gunna make some beautiful babies together???" Another user wrote.

"Such a lovely couple you to make me smile every time I see a pic of you you two are so cute together Leland you are a lucky man!" Another user gushed.

The couple has been going through a lot in 2019, including the death of Leland's famous and beloved mother Beth Chapman. The Chapman family matriarch died in June at the age of 51 after a long battle with throat and lung cancer. Leland and Jamie also dealt with pregnancy speculation, which Jamie had to address in early December.


After posting a photo showing her belly, Pilar responded after a commenter told her: "Awwwww looks like you got a baby belly going on?!!!! Looking hawt!!"

But the reality personality responded, "[Laughing out loud] nope just fat," adding a crying laughing emoji.