Leland Chapman, 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star, Unfollows Wife Jamie, Leaves Cryptic Comments

Is there trouble in Dog the Bounty Hunter world? Duane "Dog" Chapman's son, Leland Chapman, recently unfollowed his wife, Jamie, on social media, The Inquisitr reports, following cryptic quotes from both of them that appear to be directed at each other.

(Photo: Instagram / @lelandbchapman)

On Wednesday, Leland shared a quote that read, "Money is no longer the root of all evil, attention is." Although some fans took to the comments section to wonder aloud if the quote was directed at Jamie, he didn't comment either way.

On her own Instagram Story, meanwhile, Jamie added some fuel to the fire. "Guys want a pretty girl until they actually get a pretty girl, and then they get insecure and make her feel bad for all the attention she gets," she wrote.

The married couple didn't seem to show any signs of distress previously. Just earlier this month, Leland drooled over a photo of Jamie in which she posed provocatively in a "Netflix and chill" t-shirt.

"My wife [Jamie Chapman] picks the greatest movies," he captioned the post. Many of his followers commented on the post, with one writing, "So beautiful! She is so lucky that you adore her so much! I am in awe of your relationship!"

Jamie shared a similar, more closely cropped version of the same image, writing, "Me when he tells me I can pick the movie."

Earlier, when Leland shared a shirtless photo of himself in front of a lake showing off a fish he had reeled in, Jamie left several adoring comments for her husband; the comments have since been deleted.

Tensions amid the Chapman family have been high as the family matriarch, Beth Chapman, fights against her most recent cancer diagnosis. Doctors discovered that her cancer had returned last year during an emergency surgery, and that it had spread from her throat to her lungs. She was first diagnosed with aggressive throat cancer in 2017, and underwent surgery to remove the cancerous mass.

Beth and Leland were together earlier this month at an event in Lexington, Kentucky. Beth's grandson, Cobie, shared a photo with Beth in between himself and Leland, all three of whom were smiling.

Duane "Dog" Chapman recently took to social media in a rare instance to speak out against a death hoax that was circling the internet about Beth.


He shared an image with a quote he attributed to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill that read, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." Politifact reported that the quote is not actually attributed to Churchill.