Kylie Jenner Poses for Magazine Cover After Weeks of Hiding Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner has resurfaced after weeks of allegedly hiding a pregnancy.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast member is set to appear in the next issue of LOVE Magazine. Kylie and the magazine shared the below photo of the cover, which was shot by her sister Kendall Jenner.

The issue is set to profile some of the leading women in culture going into 2018, with Kylie as the cover model. It will also feature an interview with the Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur conducted by none other than her mother, Kris Jenner.

Kylie simply captioned the cover with a simple "Merry Christmas" message and a thank you to those involved with the article.

LOVE did add a tidbit from the interview in their caption, and it focused on the various pressures the young reality TV personality has been dealing with.

"I was just trying to keep up with myself," Kylie says. "All businesses, every company, makes little mistakes here and there. Growing it in front of so many people all of a sudden was kind of hard."

There's no word on if Kylie will open up about her rumored pregnancy in the interview, but the potential is there, especially since Kris is the interviewer. Such a personal topic might lend itself to having one of Kylie's loved ones handle the questioning.


Regardless of the speculation, fans are happy to see Kylie back. The photo received 1.2 million likes in the first six hours it was posted on Christmas Day.