See Rob Kardashian Make Rare ‘KUWTK’ Appearance

If you're finding it difficult to keep up with Rob Kardashian, you're not the only one. The 30-year-old reality star has been absent from his family's E! TV show as of late, but made an appearance on Sunday night's episode.

(Photo: E!)

Kardashian appeared in good spirits as he arrived at his sister Khloé Kardashian's house to work out with her and boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

When Thompson commented that Rob had gone to bed early the previous night, Rob revealed he needed to get some sleep before waking up at 5 a.m. for a doctor's appointment.

When Khloé asked what kind of appointment it was, he responded, "Just a checkup to do blood work and stuff. If you don't see the doctor, you can't get medicine and then I start to feel like s—."

"One day you can stop taking it?" Khloé asked, referring to his insulin medication.

"Yes," Rob said. "I've just got to be on it, work out, eat well and that s— will go away."

Rob's appearance on the show came as the family finally addressed his ugly split with Blac Chyna, which saw him post nude photos of her on Instagram.

Khloé and sister Kim Kardashian discussed the breakup, with Khloé sticking up for her younger brother.

"There's a plus and a minus. The plus is that there's no way Rob and Chyna could get back together after this. Let's focus on the positive. The negative is all of this other s— right now," Khloé said.

Alluding to Rob's explicit social media rant, Kim said, "With Rob having sisters, he should just know better. He should have just, like, controlled himself."

"It just sucks that he's made out to be this bad guy when she's taunting him. Love makes you do f—ed-up things. Do you think anyone's proud of that? No. You don't f— with someone's heart and emotions," Khloe added.

She told the camera, "I know this is super hard because he was so in love with that girl and this is definitely not the way he thought his relationship was going to end. This has been really hard on my mom as well."

Family matriarch Kris Jenner told Khloé that the custody agreement between Rob and Chyna had been resolved.

"With Rob, when he loves he loves hard. He would kind of do anything for her. A lot of us are impulsive when we do things, especially out of love and jealousy. We've all been there. He knows it was wrong what he's done," Khloe told her.

"I think he's learned a lot of lessons from this," Jenner agreed.

Rob's Instagram posts may have violated California's revenge porn laws, and caused Chyna to obtain a restraining order against him. The two were engaged in a bitter custody battle over Dream before agreeing to joint custody, but have both alleged domestic abuse in a number of court filings.

Chyna has also accused Kim and Jenner of deliberately sabotaging her short-lived reality show Rob & Chyna in a lawsuit.

TMZ reported in December that the Kardashians filed legal documents asking the judge involved to toss Chyna's case, claiming the real reason the show was canceled is that Chyna went to court and got a domestic violence restraining order against Rob, making it impossible to shoot a show with interactions between the two.

Khloé said that she can't believe how bad things have gotten between the two in the clip.


"So Rob and Chyna have officially broken up, but they obviously still have to communicate for the custody of Dream," Khloé said. "They're still having a hard time getting along. The legal battle that has been going on between the two of them has been super frustrating. I feel like this is escalating to a place that none of us could have ever imagined."

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