Kim Kardashian Tries to Pull off Dog Switching Scam on 'KUWTK'

After unknowingly adopting a yappy dog for her daughter, Kim Kardashian attempted to swap her needy pooch with that of sister Kourtney Kardashian's in Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kim and Kourtney adopted identical-looking Pomeranians named Sushi and Honey for their daughters North West and Penelope Disick in honor of North's fourth birthday.

"It was the cutest thing ever," Kim says. "It just makes everything, like, so worth it."

While the girls were thrilled with their new fluffy friends, Kim grows tired of the puppy's incessant barking, especially after being promised a calm dog by the breeder.

"I'm exhausted from my sleepless nights," Kim tells her former assistant Stephanie Shepherd, revealing that husband Kanye West has banished the dog from the bedroom due to her barking.

"I am being so attentive to Sushi, I am going above and beyond what I ever thought I would do, and she is being so yappy, so loud," she confesses. "It's wild how in one day they totally tricked me and had totally opposite personalities [from dog Honey]."

Kim jokes with Shepherd that she could swap her dog with her sister's calmer pup, and the KKW Beauty co-founder soon started to think more seriously about the plan.

"So I was kind of joking about this whole plan, but the more I say it out loud and kind of talk it through, the more it sounds like a genius idea," Kim confesses. "So I'm gonna accidentally get the wrong dog and see if anyone notices."

Sneaking into Kourtney's kitchen, where the two dogs are playing, Kim grabs Honey and places her in the carrier, leaving behind Sushi.

But she's not gone for long when the dog's barking draws the attention of Kourtney and her ex Scott Disick.

"This dog's a pain in the a--," Scott says. "I've never seen it act like this."

The jig is up when 2-year-old son Reign points to the dog and says, "That's North's."

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"These dogs do look very, very similar, but Reign is saying that this is not even our dog," Kourtney tells viewers, "And I don't care if Kim's dog never stops barking, but it is not going to be staying at our house."

When confronted about her dog heist, Kim denies it at first, before breaking down and admitting what she's done.

"Kourtney figured it out, like really fast, but I'm still hoping that Penelope will bond with Sushi and not want to give her back, but I don't know," Kim says, disappointed.

After playing a quick game of keep away with Honey, Kim reluctantly takes back her own dog.

"I mean, whatever, I guess she can have her dog back and I'll just have to deal with Sushi barking forever," she says, defeated.

Now that she knows she'll be stuck with Sushi forever, Kim brings in Dog Whisperer star and dog behavior specialist Cesar Milan, saying she's "desperate" to curb her barking.

"I literally kidnapped a dog," she tells Shepherd.

"Yeah, that's dark," the assistant replies.

When Milan arrives, he teaches Kim some simple exercises to help train Sushi.

"What you're going to see with rules and boundaries is she's going to be more calm," he says.

"I definitely learned to be more of like the authority instead of running along with it...she's like a kid, you really have to spend the time, like going out on walks. ... She's part of the family now."


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