Kristin Cavallari Shoots Down Rumors of Romance With 'Southern Charm' Star Austen Kroll

Kristin Cavallari recently partied with Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Craig Conover in [...]

Kristin Cavallari recently partied with Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Craig Conover in Nashville, an event that sparked romance rumors. Kroll later claimed Cavallari and the Bravo stars became friends after allegedly sliding into Conover's DMs when she heard they were coming to Music City. Cavallari and her friend Justin Anderson disputed this story, effectively shutting down any speculation that Cavallari is romantically involved with Kroll.

Over the weekend, Conover and Kroll shared Instagram Story posts from Nashville. Kroll shared a video of the two in a car with Cavallari, Anderson, and Anderson's fiance, Austin "Scoot" Rhodes, as they sang Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," notes PEOPLE. Anderson also shared a photo of the four in a Nashville restaurant. There was also an Instagram Live video with Cavallari dancing on Kroll's shoulders. Cavallari later published a photo showing just herself and Anderson laughing.

On Thursday, Kroll appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where he told Andy Cohen that he and Conover became friends with Cavallari after she started sending Conover direct messages. "Honestly, she slid into Craig's DMs and was like, 'I'm coming into town,' so we all went to dinner, and we all just hit it off," Kroll said, reports PEOPLE. "We just get along so, so well."

A fan also asked about romance rumors, but Kroll said they are not dating. "Kristin is out of a 10-year long relationship — she's not looking for anything," Kroll said, referring to her split from former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. "She is certainly just living her best life."

Late Friday, Anderson and Cavallari both commented on the situation in Instagram Story posts. "Not the kinda thing I should speak up about but Kristin would never randomly slide into anyone's DM," Anderson said. "I was a fan of our new friends Craig and Austen and we visited Charleston and met up with them. I pushed for the friendship. Kristin was along for the ride and no one is hooking up or even flirting. Four adults that are friends... let's move on."

Cavallari shared Anderson's post, adding, "Literally nothing to see here, people. Now let's move on." She also shared another statement, calling all the Internet rumors "just noise," adding that she knows "who I am and my kids know who I am. That's all I care about. That's why I typically never comment on the BS."

"OK, last thing: the Internet thrives on clickbait and juicy stores," Cavallari continued. "No one gives a s— if the headline is 'Kristin Cavallari is just finally really happy.' And they have to generate content every f—ing day. Sooo they exaggerate, twist words, and straight-up lie. Just keep that in mind."