Kourtney Kardashian Slams Sister Kim as a 'Petty Woman' in Major 'KUWTK' Fight

In the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 17, eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian expressed to her sister Khloé Kardashian how nervous she was to turn 40 after the two sisters bickered back-and-forth over the party Khloé was throwing Kardashian. After they resolved their issues, the birthday girl and Kim Kardashian went at it for the season's second episode — with Kardashian getting to a point of considering cancelling the party all together.

"This is so typical of Kim to hate on every single look that I have and tell me everything is ugly," Kardashian said. "She doesn't have to be so hurtful, especially when I'm so overwhelmed. There's all this pressure surrounding this birthday and it doesn't help that Kim is acting this way."

Kardashian admitted in the first episode that she didn't want to get up in front of everyone to thank them for coming to the celebration, considering she doesn't enjoy being the center of attention. When Khloé relaxed her anxious sister, assuring her the party would be a good time, Kardashian still didn't seem satisfied. That's when Khloé determined there was something bigger going on, so she got down to the bottom of it by talking it out with her big sister.

That's when Kardashian relayed the pressure that surrounds her by turning 40. It's not necessarily the age part that's bothering her, it's where she's at in life that adds pressure to a new age. She's still not in a steady relationship, while her ex and father of her kids, Scott Disick, is no longer single but Kardashian still feels like she's figuring life out.

Because of her state of mind, Kardashian had expressed that a party on top of her already unsteady mindset moving forward, is just too much. So when she invited Kim over to help her pick out an outfit and Kim disliked everything, that's what started the feud between the sisters.

Things were taken a step further when Kim found out Kardashian's stylist reached out to several brands and designers who her sister built relationships with. Then, Kim accused the Poosh founder of copying her style.

"Why do you keep on picking out all the same clothes?" Kim said, to which the pop of three shot down the accusation.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I've never dressed like you. I dress completely different than [you] Kim," Kardashian said.

Kim explained during her confessional that she's worked hard over the years to build relationships with the various designers and feels her sister doesn't take that seriously.

"I don't think Kourtney understands the legwork behind this. I don't think anybody understands. You have to really have a relationship with that designer. She has no idea how this works," she confessed.

Things didn't stop there though. A few days later, Kardashian was reading a text to her friend from Kim by saying, "She's like, 'You're the biggest, ungrateful b—.' So I said, 'God, you're such a petty woman.'"

"You're going to school to become a lawyer and help the world and these are the kinds of problems you have?" Kardashian continued before reading Kim's response. "Then she's like, 'You're really a miserable human-being and you keep not understanding the issue because you all of the sudden turn into such a humanitarian and talk about the world's issues which you've not contributed one ounce to the world.'"

"She can say it, maybe after my birthday," Kardashian then added before getting emotional.


After the feud, Kardashian explained that she didn't feel like herself and didn't want to proceed with the party, but with the encouragement of her sister Khloé, she did. She also rocked Donatello Versace dress.

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