Kim Kardashian Reveals Momager Kris Jenner's Beautiful Christmas Decorations

The Kardashians are known for going all-out for the holidays, with family matriarch Kris Jenner even hosting an annual Christmas Eve bash full of over-the-top decorations.

To give fans a peek at the family's holiday preparations, Kim Kardashian used her Instagram story on Thursday to share some of momager Kris Jenner's seriously glam Christmas decorations.

"So my favorite thing to do is drive around the town and show my kids all the Christmas lights," Kardashian explained. "They haven't seen my mom's house decorated yet."

Kardashian, who is mom to daughter North and son Saint, shared that Jenner went for a rainbow theme this year, which was evident by the assortment of colored lights adorning her home. Guests will also be welcomed this holiday season by a regiment of nutcrackers and a selection of seasonal greenery.

kris jenner decorations 1
(Photo: Instagram / @kimkardashian)

Upon encountering a pair of animatronic reindeer in the entryway, Kardashian feigned surprise when one of her kids pointed out that the animals weren't real.

kris jenner decorations 3
(Photo: Instagram / @kimkardashian)

Kardashian shared that Jenner used to have a huge tree in the center of her foyer, but went for something new this year, bringing in four smaller trees full of lights. The foyer also boasts a crystalline red bear keeping watch on the front door.

kris jenner decorations 5
(Photo: Instagram / @kimkardashian)
kris jenner decorations 4
(Photo: Instagram / @kimkardashian)

Jenner's Christmas Eve party is always an extravaganza, and this years' bash is under even more scrutiny as Jenner's daughters Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who are both rumored to be pregnant, will likely attend. If they do, fans will no doubt be on the lookout for possible baby bumps in any photo with either sister present.


Photo Credit: Instagram / @kimkardashian