Khloe Kardashian Snaps on Sister Kourtney, Says She 'Complains For Hours' in 'KUWTK' Preview

Khloé Kardashian is coming for sister Kourtney Kardashian on what was supposed to be a relaxing family vacation in Bali.

In a clip from Sunday's upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a fight breaks out over lunch when Khloé calls out her big sister for being too critical as Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick look on awkwardly.

While Kim says she's "so looking forward to having tea ceremonies on a daily and just like eat, pray love," Kourtney suggests she also do "some soul searching," which sets Khloé off for some reason.

"Speak for yourself," she retorts, with Kourtney responding, "No, you do, too."

"That's actually not a good soul thing to say," Khloé snaps back. "That's not very Zen of you."

Kourtney tried to walk the argument back by saying she was just kidding with her initial comments, but then made a real comment about her sister's complaining.

"Khloé, I was just thinking, you complain a lot," says Kourtney, who calls the new mom out for complaining about "everything."

Khloé claps back, "But you're saying I complain about [daughter] True's stuff when I asked the crew, I said, 'Oh is she in there with her luggage?' They said, 'Yeah, everything is set up.' How is that complaining if someone's not telling me accurate information?"

The Good American founder continues on her rant when Kourtney says she was "more chill" than her, leading to an explosion that takes everyone off-guard.

"Are you on crack that you're chill?" Khloé tells her, turning to Kourtney's ex Scott Disick and asking, "Did you not hear the speech on the private plane? The b— complains for hours!"

Trying to be diplomatic, Disick responds, "I think it's been a long travel day," but Kourtney riles her sister up again by calling her "critical."

Snapping, Khloé says, "But you're telling me that I'm f—ing critical because I asked not just to be lied to about my daughter? If you get lied to about the f—ing weather you throw a f—ing fit. God forbid it was about your child."

And while Kourtney tries to tell her the original comment was a "misunderstanding," Khloé isn't here for it.

"So get out of my f—ing business then," she says. "I help you with your kids, I do this and that. I don't have to do s—. I don't even have to f—ing be here."

Getting up from the table and walking away, she continues, shouting, "You're telling me I'm critical? Look in the f—ing mirror."


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Photo credit: E!