Khloe Kardashian ‘Shell-Shocked’ by Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian has not commented on the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, which broke less than two full days before she welcomed her baby with the basketball player, but sources close to her are doing the talking. One source said she is in "total disbelief."

"Khloé was at their home in Cleveland when she found out. She is shell-shocked and beside herself," the source told Us Weekly. Another source said she really believed he would not fall victim to temptation while he was on the road.

"Khloé knew going into it that Tristan was an NBA player who would be on the road and facing lots of temptations. She heard the noise and knew what that was all about, but she felt that Tristan was different," the second source told Us Weekly. "They were always FaceTiming and in constant communication. He made her feel on top of the world and unlike any man she has been with. She trusted him."

This sources also says Kardashian has "never felt betrayal like this" before. She is now hoping to leave Cleveland as soon as possible to get back to her friends and family in Los Angeles.

"[Khloé] feels sick that she is in Tristan's house in Cleveland with a nursery all set up and that everything all this time was a lie," the source said. "She wants to get out of there as soon as she can and go home."

The cheating scandal exploded on April 10, when The Daily Mail published a video of a hooded man who appears to be Thompson kissing a girl at a New York City nightclub. The outlet insists it is Thompson in the clip, although his face is not visible. According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed when his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, were in New York to face the Knicks earlier this week.

Next, TMZ published Oct. 7, 2017 surveillance video from a Washington D.C. area hookah lounge appearing to show Thompson with three women. One is making out with Thompson. He is also seen with his head between another woman's breasts. The second woman is seen grabbing her crotch. At the time the video was recorded, Kardashian would have been three months pregnant.

Thompson reportedly told Kardashian that rumors about him cheating were not true, and she believed him at first. However, the mounting evidence against him convinced her otherwise.


"It was just a day of absolute turmoil for Khloé as videos emerged of Tristan and the woman arriving back at his New York City hotel and video of him with two other women in a hookah lounge," a source told Us Weekly. "She just doesn't even recognize the person in those videos and is absolutely stunned. She never had any reason to not trust him."

Kardashian gave birth to their child early Thursday in Cleveland.