Khloe Kardashian Baby's Name Might Start With an 'A' and Here's Why

Now that Khloé Kardashian has answered a major question on her fans' minds, more and more are starting to pop up.

After three months of speculation, the 33-year-old confirmed her pregnancy with NBA player Tristan Thompson on Wednesday. But now that fans know the past reports are true, they're dying for other answers, like when is the baby due, is she having a boy or girl, and what will she name the baby?

When the news first broke in September that Kardashian was pregnant, TMZ reported that she was three months along, which would put her at a March or April due date.

According to an Us Weekly report, Kardashian's first child will be a baby boy. However, two clues from Kardashian herself seem to directly contradict that information. The first comes in the form of a November Instagram post that showed her holding a bouquet of pink flowers. Secondly, she recently released a special Kylie Cosmetics package that was all about the color pink, leading fans to speculate she's expecting a girl.

As far as naming the baby goes, there's a possibility that Kardashian will stray from the letter K that she and all her sisters share. After all, her sisters Kim and Kourtney didn't name any of their children with a K name, nor did her brother Rob.

Plus, The Sun reports that last month a source told Hollywood Life that she may choose something different. "Khloe has a lot of names in mind," the source said. And, she's definitely "not against choosing a 'K' name."

"Khloe's also talking about naming the baby after Tristan's mom, Andrea, or 'Andy' for short," the source added.


Thompson and Kardashian have been dating since September 2016 and live together in Cleveland, Ohio, where Thompson plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two met on a blind date.

The baby will be Kardashian's first and Thomspon's second. Thompson has a 1-year-old son with his ex Jordan Craig, with whom he split while she was pregnant.