Kevin Hart Misses 'Kelly Clarkson Show' Interview on Her First Episode, but Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Comes to the Rescue

Because of his car accident over the weekend, Kevin Hart missed his scheduled appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week. Thankfully, his friend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stepped in to help. The whole ordeal added a sense of urgency to Clarkson's big TV premiere, which airs next week.

Clarkson is joining the ranks of daytime TV host on Monday, Sept. 9 when her series premieres. The show filmed its first episode this week, and it was already flying by the seat of its pants with a surprise guest. Hart's Jumanji co-star Dwayne Johnson dropped in, and no one was more excited than Clarkson.

"Because Kevin couldn't be here, one of his good friends stepped the heck up, and I love him... because I got real nervous for my first show," Clarkson said in a preview clip released on Wednesday.

"He left his honeymoon to come here! His wife probably hates me," the country singer added, joking about the last minute plans with Johnson.

As always, Johnson was a perfect gentleman during the talk show appearance. he walked out with a flower in hand to offer to Clarkson. He wore a simple patterned shirt tucked into matching slacks, unbuttoned to reveal his traditional Somoan tattoos. The crowd went wild for Johnson, leaping to their feet until even he looked surprised by the response.

"I think they like you!" Clarkson joked.

The full interview will air on Monday, along with the rest of the premiere episode. Presumably, it will include at least some discussion of Hart's unfortunate absence, as the actor is still recovering from back surgery following his car crash on Sunday.

Hart was a passenger in his own 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when it went off the road in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was riding with his wife's personal trainer, Rebecca Broxterman, and her fiancé, Jared Black. According to a report by The Blast, police say Black had not been drinking, but simply lost control of the vintage car.

The car crashed through a wooden guard rail on the Mulholland Highway, and landed in a ditch about 10 feet off of the road. Hart was able to pull himself out of the wreck, and his personal security team took him to his nearby home for medical attention. First responders had to cut the roof off of the car to get Black and Broxterman out, and Black was hospitalized, as was Hart.

Hart is reportedly expected to make a full recovery, following at least a few weeks of physical therapy. Perhaps once he is back on his feet, he can make up his appearance on Clarkson's show.


The Kelly Clarkson Show premieres on Monday, Sept. 9 at 2 p.m. ET on NBC.