Kathy Hilton Talks 'RHOBH' After Rumors Fly She'll Replace Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump's time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has officially come to an end, and rumors are already swirling about who will be called in to replace her on the show. Most recently, it was rumored that Kathy Hilton would be joining the cast of the long-running Bravo reality show.

Hilton, whose sister Kyle Richards has been appearing on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Season 1, addressed speculation that she'd been cast in an interview with Us Weekly. She played it somewhat coy, but was adamant that Vanderpump's shoes would be impossible to fill.

"Nobody can take Lisa [Vanderpump]'s spot," Hilton told Us at an event celebrating daughter Paris Hilton's partnership with The Glam App on Wednesday.

Richards spoke separately with Us Weekly about possible replacements for Vanderpump, with whom she was once close friends. The Real Housewives star revealed that she and her co-stars have been talking about who Bravo might cast.

"We've fantasized and talked about things," she said. "People always ask. I would say Chrissy Teigen, but I know she won't do it, so I gotta think of somebody else now, because I know she's never going to do it."

Teigen is an outspoken Bravo fan, but it's unlikely she'd ever appear on the reality show.

Richards also spoke about filming without Vanderpump, admitting that it's a big change.

"We have 21 episodes without her so, I mean it's different, but you know, the show is doing well. So, you know it's exciting," she told Us. "And there's a lot going on with all the women. I miss her as a cast member, and a friend, but the show is doing well."

Despite their falling out several months ago, Richards remains hopeful that they'll be friends again. The pair's friendship ended after a feud that's become known to fans as Puppygate.

"I'm sure one day it will be OK," she said.

Vanderpump confirmed her exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills early this month. She said she decided to leave after "a very difficult year."

"I made the decision to leave. It was a very difficult year for me, personally and professionally. I had wonderful things happen this year, opening up TomTom and the cocktail garden in Vegas," she said at the time. "The Housewives, it's just, it's emotionally too difficult to deal with."


Her confirmation came shortly after she said she wouldn't be appearing at the Season 9 reunion. Vanderpump claimed she didn't want to gather with her co-stars after they ganged up to attack her amid the Puppygate drama.

"Lisa only gets half her pay for the season if she doesn't go to the reunion, but she still chose not to go," an insider told Us Weekly. "The women get half of their pay before shooting starts and the other half after the reunion. So Lisa lost money."