Kathy Griffin Blasts Numerous Bravo Execs in Attack Network Calls 'Completely False'

Kathy Griffin is not holding back when it comes to blasting Bravo and the executives she says were part of a "coordinated attack" on her career, airing all her dirty laundry with the network in a YouTube video released Saturday.

Griffin, whose show My Life on the D List won two Emmys for the network, claims that she was railroaded by several executives in the network, including Lauren Zalaznick and Jenn Levy, calling them "complicit" and saying they "went along with everything."

One of Griffin's complaints is that she wasn't paid equitably for her Bravo comedy specials in comparison to what a male comic would be offered.

"These women need to do right by other women," she said.

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She also claims that Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, who was a Bravo exec for many years before he stepped in front of the camera, offered her cocaine before a taping of his show.

Cohen has denied all of Griffin's claims, as has Bravo, which released a statement Sunday about the video.

"This is completely false and we are not going to credit it with any more attention," the network said.

Aside from accusations, Griffin criticized the kind of shows Bravo produces, saying she thinks they profit off of negative and unrealistic portrayals of women.

The comedian called out the Real Housewives franchise specifically.


"Look at all the shows on Bravo," she said. "It's middle-aged women pulling each other's hair out. That's not what we do."