Kate Gosselin Posts Food Photo, Gets Slammed About Her Children

Kate Gosselin has been quiet on Instagram for some time, but in her last food-related post, the reality TV star immediately got slammed with comments about her children. In the post, Gosselin shared a series of photos featuring cooing recipes. In the caption, the Kate Plus Date star wrote, "Here’s the recipes for the dinner Jeff and I cooked for our romantic dinner (in case you wanted to recreate it for yourselves, but you’ll have to add your OWN chemistry!" Almost as soon as the post went up, followers began posting comments about Gosselin's children, with one writing, "Post back to school pics! The 6 going to high school we can't miss that milestone."

"Beautiful pic of Collin & Hannah. Hoping the other 6 are doing as well as them. So sad the family is split!" another fan wrote. "These parents were so childish that none of them could co-parent for the well being of their children. So many families can mature and overcome their diferences for wellbeing of their children!"

"No back to school pic?" someone else wrote, while a fourth fan wondered if she was going to share any photos of her two older "girls," Madelyn and Cara.

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Not everyone was focused on the Gosselin kids, however, as many of the commenters shared thoughts on the ending of Kate Plus Date Season 1, which saw the family matriarch seem to find a new romance, only to have the rug pulled out from beneath her when her beau — Jeff — allegedly turned out to be dating another woman.

"Maybe I missed some comments with more info about Jeff... But, if you're seriously looking for somebody who can be a good marriage mate for you, you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Then, if one person ends up being a psycho, you didn't waste all your time with that one person," one person wrote.

"Marriage is serious stuff and you gotta choose the right one, so if he was dating somebody else maybe he was doing the same as you, trying to figure out which one is a good fit for him. I don't know. I really loved him for you. I think if you stuck it out, maybe it could've worked," the fan added.


"I wish [kate plus my 8] all the happiness in the world, but I must stick up for Jeff," someone else said. "I’ve known him for almost 20 years and have spoken to him recently. He’s a great guy. He’s warm, fun and funny, smart, fantastic with kids, easy going, natural and handsome. Imagine the show without him. It was Jeff who made the show interesting and let viewers see a softer side of Kate. IMHO."

Photo Credit: TLC