Kate Gosselin's 'Biggest Fear' Is Hannah and Collin 'Turning Against Her'

Kate Gosselin is reportedly feeling the pressure when it comes to tension brewing between herself and 15-year-old children Hannah and Collin after the two sextuplets have moved in with dad Jon Gosselin full-time amid the former TLC star's abuse allegations.

A source told InTouch Weekly that following her ex-husband's first tell-all interview with DailyMailTV, the Kate Plus 8 star is "afraid that Jon, now that his gag order has been lifted, might be up to something."

It's become her "biggest fear", they added: "She's afraid that Jon might get another show, which he's been pushing for, and that Hannah and Collin might start talking. About what? Kate says she doesn't know, but of course she does."

In last week's Kate Plus 8 special, fans were concerned when Kate didn't address Collin's absence from the family trip at all, playing off Hannah living with her father full-time as something less permanent.

"She's with her dad and she was not able to come," Kate said of Hannah not attending the trip with her other six siblings. "And that's sad. That's the second trip here, actually, for us that she hasn't been with us."

She continued in a confessional, "Hannah … it was sad for us because … you know, they're getting older, and they're making different choices, and they're doing different things. And she opted to stay back with her dad, actually. Which again, you know, her choice, whatever. It's not optimal for mom, but it's something that I support, and you know, we just, adjust and move on."

It's certainly a tumultuous time for the family after Jon took full custody of Hannah and Collin, accusing his ex of "caging" the teen boy at a special needs facility for three years despite a simple ADHD diagnosis, visiting him just a handful of times over the years.


"She always speaks for the children," he told DailyMailTV of the alleged emotional abuse his children have suffered. "They say this, they want to do this - unicorns, rainbows and look, flying pigs. It's all lies. They all have voices. I know my children have suffered abuse and I know one day they're going to tell their own story. And sadly enough, I know what PTSD is. It's really upsetting."

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