Kailyn Lowry Halts 'Teen Mom 2' Filming as Briana DeJesus Feud Escalates

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry's feud is only escalating amid drama over Javi Marroquin, even interrupting filming for the ongoing season of the reality series.

After DeJesus finally admitted she was dating Lowry's ex-husband during Monday's episode of the MTV reality show, she reached out to patch things up with Lowry after the reunion filming pit them against each other in a fight over their flirting.

But Lowry wasn't interested in reconciling in light of what went down at the reunion, especially not after learning from Marroquin that DeJesus was attending their 4-year-old son's birthday party, regardless of Lowry's wishes.

"You can have my ex," she responded to DeJesus' peacemaking text. "Sloppy seconds, clearly there's enough to go around."

This set DeJesus off, who dropped any kind of desire to reconcile, replying, "Shut the f— up, because now I'm mad. suck my dick, you dumb b—."

"She went so hard," Lowry said, laughing about the exchange with her friend Dom, ex Jo Rivera and his fiancee Vee Torres. "She went from like a 0 to 100."

After telling Lowry that she was "lucky" that she wouldn't be seeing her while visiting Marroquin in Delaware, Lowry laughed at the idea of getting into a physical fight with a fellow adult and mother.

"I'm not going to fight her, I'm just not," she said. "You have two kids, I have three kids. I'm not fighting you. Like, you're literal trash."

She then revealed that the drama with DeJesus also has been affecting her relationship with Marroquin when it comes to parenting.

"Javi is letting Briana do this, and it's going to affect our coparenting," she said. "We had just gotten into a really good place with him, and I want nothing to do with him, literally nothing to do with him. Like I don't even want to coparent with him."

Lowry also let the venue for Lincoln's birthday party know that it wasn't to allow any kind of filming inside the birthday party, which vexed Teen Mom 2 producers and Marroquin alike.

"This is all spite. She's doing everything out of spite," he told DeJesus. "If you look at the bigger picture, it's her own issues, her own insecurities."

DeJesus and Marroquin's relationship caused a lot of drama, but ended up lasting only a few months, fans of the MTV show will remember. The couple broke up in January, and Marroquin is now expecting another child with his girlfriend Lauren Comeau, he announced last week.


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV