Josh Duggar to Be Released on Bail While Awaiting Trial

Nearly a week after he was arrested and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography, Josh Duggar will reportedly be released from jail. KNWA News in Arkansas reported that Duggar was granted release by U.S. District Court Western District of Arkansas Judge Christy Comstock. He could be released from jail as early as Thursday, which would come exactly one week after his arrest.

The outlet also included details about the charges brought against Duggar. He is charged with a two-count indictment that alleges one count of receipt of child pornography and another count of possession of child pornography. Duggar has entered a not guilty plea on both of those charges. There are conditions to go along with Duggar's release from prison. His legal team argued that he should be able to return to his home with his wife, Anna Duggar, who is currently pregnant, and their six children. However, he will not be allowed to return to his home.

Duggar will reportedly go to live with a third-party custodian, a husband and wife who received a call from the 33-year-old's father, Jim Bob Duggar, about the matter. The probation officer involved in this case, Diem Nguyen, recommended that Duggar remains in custody. Nguyen argued that the husband and wife who were chosen to be third-party custodians raised concerns about Duggar living with them. The probation officer claimed that there are sometimes minor children in the couple's home for music lessons and that there are pistols in the home. Additionally, the woman reportedly feels uncomfortable with Duggar staying in the home as she is in the residence full-time while her husband works.


The couple, who know the Duggar family from church, reportedly agreed to a series of concessions if Duggar is placed in their home. The music lessons would reportedly be held at a different location, and the weapons would be removed from the residence. The third-party custodians also said that they have a mother-in-law suite where Duggar would stay. They said that they were not promised anything from Jim Bob for agreeing to let his son stay with them, as they said that they were willing to help the family. If Duggar does violate any of the conditions tied to his release from jail, the judge in the case noted that the third-party custodians should call his parole officer and not Jim Bob or another member of their church. Duggar is expected to face trial on the charges brought against him in July.